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“Chic Expressions of Grace is the Compound of the Beautiful Elements of Fabulous Hair & Remarkable Style; Graciously Exhibiting True Beauty from Hair to Toe!”

Chic Expressions of Grace is a collective Hair Styling and Care services, Makeup and Skin Care Services, Spa Services, as well as Image Consulting and Wardrobe Styling Services. Brianna "MissBreeStyles" Radford established CEG in 2010, as a hair stylist, makeup artist, skincare professional, and wardrobe stylist, having worked with all types of clients, including high-profile clients.

We are dedicated to providing an excellent experience to every customer and client by maintaining excellent customer service and unparalleled, quality products to indulge every sense at an acceptable price/value relationship. We pride ourselves on our friendly, enthusiastic, fair, creative work environment, which upholds diversity, ideas, and hard work to achieve and maintain the ultimate experience.

Chic Expressions of Grace exemplifies beauty that radiates from diverse backgrounds  

About Us

Hair Care & Styling


Our focus is growing and maintaining healthy, fabulous hair and a positive, extraordinary overall image. We encourage transformation throughout, effectively yet affordable. We work with all textures, lengths, colors, ethnicities, ages, chemically treated, natural, etc.  Here, hair is hair without discrimination!  

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Makeup Artistry

As with any services we provide, acquiring and maintaining overall health is superior.  We use high quality products for all makeup applications along with the latest, trendiest and cleanest techniques.  In addition to makeup services and products, we offer skin care services and products to acquire and maintain beautiful, radiant skin.  We also offer skin care classes to assure customers know how to properly care for their skin, makeup application classes to learn different techniques and how to properly apply makeup, as well as Beauty Experience events for customers and clients to host for their friends and family to learn the same while having fun.

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Fashion & Wardrobe Styling

We work to provide the suitable image to artists, industry professionals, and people who just want to try a new look or wardrobe but don't quite know how to execute it.  We style according to our customer's lifestyle, wardrobe, body type, genre, and overarching goals. Our goal is to provide confidence while catering to the integrity, originality, and signature accents of each and every client fully to accomplish a complete image. So whether you need styling for an event as an artist or attendee or you just need an entire new wardrobe for a season, we will help you in all styling desires. 

We are a Virgin Hair Retailer & Wholesaler

Elements of Beauty

Hair & Fashion Extravaganza

Elements of Beauty Hair & Fashion Extravaganza is an annual event presenting the arts of hair, makeup, fashion styling, fashion design, and performing arts in the many exclusive, stylish techniques.  As we showcase these talents, we are also advocating and educating awareness of significant disregarded issues.

Since the start of this annual event in 2012, the production typically serves purpose of raising awareness of certain disease(s), prevention, effects, symptoms, and resources.  Our debut show was focused on Lupus Awareness.  The recipient of the Elements of Beauty Donation was a young singer in the Twin Cities whose lungs had been affected by the disease.  Having no healthcare, she faced losing her vocal abilities forever.  The proceeds were donated to assist in covering the cost of her operation.  We are proud to say she is back to being a beautiful songbird!

Immediately following the success of our debut show, our family encountered a traumatic loss to Breast Cancer.  Realizing how many people are aware yet so uninformed of the fatal, prevalent disease, we knew cancer would be the focal point.  In 2013, we were moved by the experiences of many cancer survivors, victims, and their families, we knew we wanted to educate the masses of the several types of cancers, the symptoms, prevention, screening and other resources.  At this show, we honored several survivors and victims and also included some survivors in the fashion show after their makeover!  It was phenomenal.  The African American Breast Cancer Alliance were the recipients of the proceeds.

In 2014, our community needs shifted and more awareness and knowledge in another area were imperative:  Self-Awareness and the importance and impact therein. Our community’s progression, in all actuality, had been in a regressive motion. Our society has been in dire need of some things that have clearly been missing for a while; these things being self-awareness, self-esteem, self-love, and the knowledge of our history. It seems it's only becoming more evident with each passing year as more young people are incarcerated, more children’s lives are taken without reason or a notion of justice, and losing our youth to drugs, sex trafficking, violence and so much more. We need to know that the change begins within ourselves individually.

So many people from just about every age group, ethnicity, class, sex, size and background were truly inspired by this movement!  So much so that we've decided to continue the cause.

Stay tuned for the next epic Elements of Beauty event...

Meet The Lady Behind Chic!


Brianna “MissBreeStyles” Radford (formerly Glover) is a licensed Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist, Wardrobe/Fashion Stylist, Graphic Designer, Skin Care Professional and the Founder/CEO of Chic Expressions of Grace. She always had a passion for styling and helping people feel like their best selves: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In the Summer of 2012, MissBreeStyles created CEG, an establishment providing creative, healthy hair and skin care services as well as image consulting and styling services, to reach and support people who aspire to be greater than their current resources allow; promoting their talents, struggles, needs and strengths. She currently works throughout the Twin Cities, surrounding areas, as well as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Maryland, Wisconsin, and more.  She aims to not only change the Industry as we know it, but continuously change lives, one by one.


Hair is Brianna's 1st Love!  She was the little girl who loved dolls just for the hair, then the outfit changes and wanted to do everyone's hair because she thoroughly enjoyed the art of styling and making people look beautiful.  Starting her actual Cosmetology career as a freshmen in high school, she soon learned that hair is more than just art, more than just beauty, but it is also therapy, and the healthier, the better!  

Brianna's focus is Healthy Hair in Every Form! She specializes in every Ethnicity, Texture, Length, Density, Color, Extension, Condition; You Name It, She Can Do It!

Makeup Artist & Skin Care Professional

Being an au naturel kind of lady, Brianna still appreciates the enhancement that makeup provides beauty.  Studying the several specialties of makeup at the Hollywood Makeup Academy in 2008, she found a heightened love for the world of possibilities makeup offers.  

Specializing in Beauty, Bridal, High Fashion (including Runway and Photography), and Video/Film Makeup, she is focused on Healthy Skin, as well.  Brianna has been providing classes to teach proper Skin Care, as well as Makeup Techniques since 2013.  She also has high quality, salon grade skin care and cosmetic products available for purchase.  If you would like to enroll in a Makeup Techniques class, send a request to Info@ChicExpressionsOfGrace.com. To book a complimentay Skin Care class or makeup service, you can do so online.

Wardrobe/Fashion Stylist

In 2012, Brianna decided to take her hobby to the next level.  She thoroughly enjoys shopping and thoroughly enjoys making people look and feel their best, as well as helping them to experience life in a new way...at least in a New Look! 

Brianna has styled celebrities, photo and video shoots, designers, as well as local artists looking to build their brand and solidify an image. She helps men and women embrace the greatest self!

Fashion Designer

Because Brianna is particularly creative with a clear eye for fashion, she has decided to bring her visions to life!  Her line will make its debut soon!  Stay tuned to be the first to find out!

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