Immortal Crème

ImMortally Nourished

100% All Natural

Immortal Creme is our All Natural, Handmade Whipped Shea Butter Creme.  It is a deep nourishing, conditioning and moisturizing product for skin.  It also works as a very hydrating moisturizer and deeply penetrating conditioning treatment for hair.

Most "shea butter" products sit on top of the outermost layers of the hair and skin, serving as a coating or protective barrier instead of actually providing hydration.  Immortal Creme is actually formulated to penetrate the layers of the skin and hair while retaining the moisture provided, which is what makes it significantly unique.

It is safe for all ages, hair textures, skin types:

Immortally Great for Every Walk of Life!

It Really Works!

"I had been searching and trying different lotions, creams, and ointments for so long. I have eczema and extremely dry skin. But the Immortal Crème did WONDERS! It didn't irritate my skin even though it smells so good! And it actually made my skin soft and moist ALL DAY!!!  I absolutely LOVE this!"


"I wash my hands often and it [Immortal Crème] keeps my hands and cuticles so soft and moisturized. And it is great on my feet, too."


"I use it [Immortal Crème] on my daughters' hair. It keeps their hair soft and moisturized and makes their curls really defined and lasting. I also use it on my oldest daughter's skin.  She has very dry skin and it works so well."


"Immortal Crème works so well on my natural client's hair! It isn't too greasy, actually absorbs into the strands, defines curls, & keeps their hair moisturized, even in the driest months. A must-have for natural hair clients!" 


" [Immortal Crème] makes my skin feel soft and silky and it smells amazing."


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