{Renaissance Collection} Illuminating Individuality and Afrocentricity

For Those Who Love Being One of a Kind...

Here is the One of a Kind Collection Just for You!


Renaissance Collection is our handmade creative beaded accessory line.  It was created to illuminate an Afrocentric vibe, with a unique sense of individuality. This line was also created to enhance our natural balance and remind us of our one true Source.

Meet Renaissance

The Man Behind the Creation

Darrian "Renaissance" Radford, Creator and Creative Director of Renaissance Collection, is an artist of both the performing and visual arts.  Helping his mother with her jewelry business for years gave him plenty insight in the industry.  

Being an artist creating exotic art, soulful music, spoken word, and high-contrast, impactful photography in addition to being a very culturally aware, eclectic, eccentric individual had him in search of pieces that matched his vibe, look and personality.  However, he also wanted them to have meaning, which the few he found had little to none.  After searching for so long to no avail, he decided to do what he does best; Create! And there, Renaisssance Collection was birthed!

The Collection

Each design is unique and only a select few styles are made in multiples. Every design was created with purpose and prayer.  Just about every stone has a significant meaning, as well is connected with our cultural history.

Initially, the bracelets were called "prayer beads." However, Renaissance, meaning reawakening. being a more befitting name as the purpose of the pieces are to serve as a reminder to "Rejoice Always, Pray Continually, Give Thanks in ALL Circumstances..." (1Th 15:16-18)  The Renaissance Collection should serve as a reminder of who and what you were created to do and be. Remember, with God, all things are possible!

Immortal Crème

After much research, Darrian learned that much of the products being used daily were doing more harm than good.  With so many things being genetically modified, he decided to research, study and formulate an ALL NATURAL skin care, especially safe for extremely sensitive skin.  Not only is it effective, highly moisturizing, it also smells great, spreads well and absorbs well into the skin and hair.  Immortall Crème makes you feel like your skin and hair may just be that: Immortal.


Music is Darrian's Heart!  He loves  just about every genre of good music.  He is currently working on his first LP, to make his debut soon!  Stay tuned...

Lifestyle Blog

Darrian created a blog to illustrate his life and adventures through his lens.  He journeys through everything...spiritually, personally, professionally, and more.  Click the button to journey through life Renaisssance Style!

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